Diamond Drilling


Skyline Rope Access has wide experience of carrying out diamond drilling, at height, on a variety of buildings and structures, where the use of conventional access method would prove to be expensive or disruptive.

Diamond drilling is a quiet, non percussive way of forming precision holes. Openings can be drilled through all types of material

including reinforced concrete. It’s an effective method of creating holes for the installation of pipes, cables or anchoring bolts and load carrying devices.

In Addition

  • Diamond drilling can also be used to take core samples from 50mm to 200m and to a depth of 2 meters.
  • Water and dust control measures can be adopted to maintain a clean working environment
  • Machines can be operated in horizontal, vertical and inverted positions for use just about anywhere including confined spaces




Skyline Rope Access Ltd employ qualified and experienced engineers who are able to undertake inspections of steep embankments, cuttings, rock & cliff faces or structures ranging from high rise housing & office blocks, bridges, towers, masts & chimneys to chambers, shafts & tunnels where confined spaces may pose a hazard. Levels of inspection available include:

  • Simple Visual
  • Safety & Quality
  • Full in-depth Condition

Safety & quality surveys will determine whether the fabric of a structure is in a safe & secure condition or can check the quality of workmanship on new & refurbished buildings.

For full in-depth condition survey’s the data collected is collated in a concise & readable report, with schedules of any defects supplemented by photographs & location drawings if required.

This provides a comprehensive picture of the type and location of significant defects both quickly & safely with the minimum disruption so that you can determine the most appropriate & cost effective strategy.


Maintenance & Repair


Skyline Rope Access offers a single source & cost effective solution for those high level maintenance projects that facilities managers have to address to protect against building degradation & subsequent loss of investment & to safeguard the general public

Rope access enables problems that involve working at height to be addressed quickly & economically with minimum disruption to each client. solutions can be quickly implemented with the costs normally generated by complicated management reduced

Skyline Rope Access has the skills & qualified personnel for many repair at height problems including:

  • Localised brick & Concrete repairs
  • Sealant installation and reinstatement
  • Painting & Coating application

Skyline Rope Access is a full IRATA Member & has had its quality management system audited to ISO 9001 by a UKAS approved audit team.


Curtain walling & cladding failures occur frequently, some as a result of design defects others through poor installation, Rectifying these problems once the building has been completed can be extremely expensive using conventional access methods

We at Skyline employ specialist abseilers with an extensive knowledge of curtain wall & cladding systems who can identify the causes for the failure & produce detailed reports with proposals & designs for cost effective remedial options

  • Leak detection & water testing
  • Independent review & on site performance testing
  • Quality control inspections of on-site installation processes
  • High level glazing replacement

Rope access is a single source solution; we gain access to the work area & carry out the task, meaning less administration, easier site co-ordination & controlled costs.




We employ IRATA trained abseilers with full Arboricultural (NPTC) qualifications to enable them to carry out the following tasks:

  • The removal of ivy and other plants from buildings, bridges and other structures.
  • Care and maintenance of trees located within atriums and
  • Vegetation clearance in road/rail cuttings and steep embankments.
  • Herbicide spraying and application.

Offering a cost effective solution to environmental  management where access is either difficult or restricted.


Skyline Rope Access has a wealth of experience in geotechnical work, especially where steep slopes or rock faces are involved.

Roped access teams can operate more efficiently & safer than any other access method, offering a significantly lower cost alternative to conventional access methods. Skyline Rope Access has expertise in:w De-scaling of rock outcrops & cliffs w Installation of soil nails & rock anchors

  • Installation & repair of rock fall protection netting
  • The installation of advanced avalanche protection systems
  • The installation of bio netting & erosion protection netting
  • The installation of Geoweb & other cellular confinement systems

Skyline Rope Access provides a single source service for all geotechnical solutions to minimise project management costs & to ensure that projects are completed safely


High Level Cleaning


Skyline Rope Access provides specialist teams of high level cleaners to tackle those internal and external problems that can only be solved by rope access.

Typically this type of work may include,

  •   Windows,
  •   Cladding,
  •   Gutters,
  •   Signs,
  •   Atriums
  •   High level steelwork,
  •   Full builders cleans,
  •   Guano removal,
  •   Pressure washing.

The company undertakes contracts for regular cleaning for many high-rise buildings across Britain but is equally at home for one-off cleans.


Additional Activities (to be renamed case studies)


Skyline Rope Access has a wealth of experience in geotechnical  work associated with large civil engineering or construction sites to make working areas safe, particularly where steep slopes or rock faces are close.

Roped access teams can operate more efficiently and safer than any other access method and offers a significantly lower cost alternative to conventional methods.

Skyline Rope Access has expertise in:-

  • Descaling rock outcrops and cliffs,
  • Removal of loose material and vegetation,
  • Installation of rock nails and rock anchors,
  • Installation and repair of rock fall protection netting,
  • Installation of advanced avalanche protection systems.
  • Installation and repair of bio netting.

Skyline Rope Access provides a single soiurce service for all geotechnical solutions to minimise project management costs and to ensure that projects are completed with a minimum of fuss, safely and to budget.