Additional Activities (to be renamed case studies)


Skyline Rope Access has a wealth of experience in geotechnical  work associated with large civil engineering or construction sites to make working areas safe, particularly where steep slopes or rock faces are close.

Roped access teams can operate more efficiently and safer than any other access method and offers a significantly lower cost alternative to conventional methods.

Skyline Rope Access has expertise in:-

  • Descaling rock outcrops and cliffs,
  • Removal of loose material and vegetation,
  • Installation of rock nails and rock anchors,
  • Installation and repair of rock fall protection netting,
  • Installation of advanced avalanche protection systems.
  • Installation and repair of bio netting.

Skyline Rope Access provides a single soiurce service for all geotechnical solutions to minimise project management costs and to ensure that projects are completed with a minimum of fuss, safely and to budget.